Will power

Standing infront of mirror

She gazed ,she gazed her bulky carbs

She looked at it carefully..hanging here n there..

Getting adjusted..gloriously..flaunting and hiding those curves..!

“Why…why people make fun of her?”

“Why .B why she don’t do anything about it?”

Her heart and her brain…had only one thing to ask her..!

“She didn’t or she couldn’t ?!”




One fine sunday morning. šŸ˜Š

He:Hey..What are your sunday plans?

She : ah…well..I have an appointment. 

He :With whom?

She: ah….the younger me..I am gonna sketch something today..may be a cartoon..or ah. boat…..but something…for sure..!

He: hahaha kiddo..Do you have all the stuff for that?I mean have you bought water colours or sketch pens or crayons for that?

She ..(sighs): hmm..yeaaaah….a chotu brush and a small set of watercolours i do have..I would manage with that.

He: okay. See you at evening!

She: ok.Tata

At evening



He:So…what did you drew today?

She : ah…hmm…actually ..I thought of starting with, painting the back ground black..

He : aha ohkay..between there is something for you in the bag..!

She(excited) : what ..what ..what is it…?! Ah..a set of water colours..and diffrent sized brushes..!!but why did you bought it?!

He : I love the younger you..!


holding an edged knife..

she thought of ending her life

“she stopped her..!” on every move she stopped her..

the lil kid inside her wanted her to surviveā€‹..

she whispered….

if u want to live life with pride

u need to overcome the sorrows and let it dioxide .!

Its just a matter of your choice

widen that beautiful dimple smile 

and keep spreading happiness worldwide..!



Does it really matter?!
which is already been shattered!
don’t try to become the formatter 
its already been edited by the Creator!
Don’t be a nagger…
Live life like a wild swagger…! šŸ˜‰



Life is just playing the dirty trick..

for them time is following tick tick tick….

its not about whom they choose or whom they pick..

decision is your hand to decide; for whom you feel the click…

Don’t give your emotions an emotional flick..

Just wait for the cupid to wave his magic stick…


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All the insensitive brats..

made fun of her bulky fats..

she joined them and made fun of her own body fat..

but somewhere down there, it really made her feel bad..

and then one fine day she started noting down few things on her thinkpad..

“why she was treated like that..?”

“was she responsible for all the act?”

she realized that her thoughts where playing the role of insensitive brats..


Vicious love affair

this valentine;love is in the air,

and she is sure she is  not going to get the share,

aint because she is scared..

its just because she cant bare   ..

 the pain of climbing  the love stair..

so she is just gonna stare…

sitting on her armchair…

couples showcasing  a fake romantic love affair…

which is never going to take them somewhere..

and after somedays, they will not even remember eachother in their prayer..

afer few months they will again start the vicious crave of having  one more affair..

forgetting their old teddybear…

will meet someone new with lots of loveydovey fake swears..


Neither she is an extrovert..

Nor an introvert..

But a strong minded girl with thoughts so blunt…

who loves to keep her views upfront…!
She don’t like animals but love birds

She loves peace and avoids crowd of nerds

She is just a girl who never holds a grudge…

but alas…, always been judged…!

She never cares for the people opinions or the mean world..

She is just a jolly person in her own little world..

It takes alot of effort for the people to understand this charming girl with a dimple and hairs so curled…

who just want to live at peace and spread happiness in this computerworld …



“A girl with a dimple and hair so curly..
the entire world seems so blurry …
She battled with all evils slowly slowly…
Ah..though it won’t harm her smile,surely….

Lakhs of people…million of stories..
Of all of them mine is like a blueberry…”